My interest in knives are primarily the technical aspect with focus on functionality and mechanical properties as toughness and wear resistance. To achieve excellence in my knives I use the optimum materials for knives available today, and I have access to heat treatment practices unavailable for most knifemakers.

My background as a metallurgist gives me an understanding of materials beyond that of most. This is a great resource in most parts of knife making, especially in material selection and heat treatment. There is a vast number of steels on the marked, and those considered the best are in most cases not. To evaluate and choose materials you have to understand how the steel is affected by the composition and heat treatment.
Here is my latest kydex work. The knife is one of the prototypes of the survivalknife, and I sold it about a year ago. This is so far the only knife I have made with serrations, and that was only done due to special requirements from the customer. The sheath supplied at that time was of a very basic type, so the owner wanted an updated kydex sheath. For more information about the materials see the sheath-article.