My interest in knives are primarily the technical aspect with focus on functionality and mechanical properties as toughness and wear resistance. To achieve excellence in my knives I use the optimum materials for knives available today, and I have access to heat treatment practices unavailable for most knifemakers.

My background as a metallurgist gives me an understanding of materials beyond that of most. This is a great resource in most parts of knife making, especially in material selection and heat treatment. There is a vast number of steels on the marked, and those considered the best are in most cases not. To evaluate and choose materials you have to understand how the steel is affected by the composition and heat treatment.

Friction fire

There are several knives on the marked supplied with a recess for friction fire. Unfortunately the friction between the wood and the micarta or G-10 handle will lead to great wear of the handle. This friction fire recess made of stainless steel will reduce friction, and wear of the handle. The shape of it corresponds to a ball of 6 mm in radius.
This can be supplied an most knives on request. For smaller knives the diameter will be 10 mm and for larger knives it will be 13 mm. For the larger size the shape will correspond to a ball of 8 mm radius.